5 Reasons to Look into Chocolate infused Skincare for Wrinkles

5 Reasons to Look into Chocolate infused Skincare for Wrinkles
When it comes to your skin health as you age, most people have a public enemy number one, and that’s wrinkles. It’s one of the main reasons skincare products are such a big business. And of the many options for fighting back against wrinkles, one of the most recent popular options is a bit of a surprise — chocolate. If you’re looking for something that works for anti-aging, trying chocolate skincare for wrinkles will delight you. As it turns out, chocolate has a number of surprising benefits as a skincare ingredient. And chief among them is its power in fighting the signs of aging, including wrinkles. Chocolate has proven so effective at fighting wrinkles in recent research, in fact, that the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics developed an entire line of skincare products around the ingredient. We spoke with them at length to understand exactly why chocolate makes a great ingredient for fighting wrinkles.

5 Reasons to Look into Chocolate Skincare for Wrinkles

#1 Abundant Antioxidants found in all Cocoage Cosmetics Products

Among foods in our diet, chocolate, along with coffee and tea, is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. And the antioxidants in coffee aren’t your ordinary antioxidants: Many of them are a particular powerful type of compound known as polyphenols. These compounds protect the cells from damage and promote cellular regeneration and repair, which fights the signs of aging. One spot where chocolate shines is in under-eye creams.

#2 Caffeine

Chocolate-infused cosmetics are also a rich natural source of caffeine, which promotes blood flow in the vessels beneath the skin.
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This keeps the face looking fresh, vital and youthful as you age. As you might imagine, it’s also stellar for cellulite so a chocolate body scrub can be wonderful.

#3 Naturally Nourishing

Chocolate skincare ingredients also naturally contain many components, such as potassium and omega-6 fatty acids, that moisturize the skin. Dry skin can contribute to the development of wrinkles as you age.

#4 B Vitamins

The vitamin B5 found in cacao cosmetics naturally smoothes the skin and fights the signs of aging. While vitamin B9 fights inflammation and acne that can lead to problems over time.

#5 More Melanin

Melanin, another compound found naturally in cacao skincare products, protects the skin from sun damage. The sun’s harmful UV rays are one of the greatest contributors to wrinkles over time.
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