The Benefits of Decadence: Chocolate And Gold used by Cocoage Cosmetics

The Benefits of Decadence: Chocolate And Gold used by Cocoage Cosmetics
Let’s talk about chocolate and gold.  The former is a fairly new player on the skincare scene. The latter has been in use as a facial treatment for thousands of years. When it comes down to it, which one is more effective? As it turns out, the answer just might be both of them…together.  That’s the conclusion that the skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics arrived at after years of product testing. The result is an all-new line of chocolate and gold cosmetics that uniquely blends the two for the maximum impact on your skin. We asked them to share their secrets about why and how this dynamic duo works so well together. 

Team Work Makes The Dream Work: The Power of Chocolate and Gold from Cocoage Cosmetics

#1 Anti-Inflammation  The root of virtually every skincare problem — from allergies to acne to wrinkles — ultimately comes down to inflammation in the skin cells. Both chocolate and gold are tried and true inflammation fighters. What’s more, they fight inflammation in unique ways — chocolate does it with antioxidants and gold via ionic activity. The result of the pairing is the absolute best in effective treatment for irritation-free skin.  #2 Boosted Blood Flow The secrets of a healthy complexion lie in how well blood is circulating to your skin cells. More blood flow means more elasticity and a more youthful appearance, and both chocolate and gold skincare products enhance blood flow to the skin cells. Chocolate works this magic through its caffeine content, while gold appears to do the same thanks to its unique ionic activity.  #3 Plenty of Options When gold and chocolate products are formulated by professionals such as those working with Cocoàge Cosmeticsthe combinations they produce can target virtually every form of skin problem. You can use Cocoàge products for facials, exfoliation, moisturizing, eye treatments, wrinkle-fighting and much more. There’s sure to be a product in their line that will help you. Want to see more of the benefits of chocolate? Read this blog post by Sweet Cosmetics!
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Cocoàge Beauty was created by Cocoàge Cosmetics, redefining luxury skincare with an exquisite line of 24K gold and chocolate-based treatment products created to assist, revive, and rejuvenate tired-looking skin. Visit Cocoàge Cosmetics here and find Cocoàge Cosmetics reviews here.

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