3 Ways Gold Shifted from Precious Metal to the Beauty Industry

3 Ways Gold Shifted from Precious Metal to the Beauty Industry

3 Ways Gold Shifted from Precious Metal to the Beauty Industry

Gold and mankind are a tandem that go back together, almost throughout all of recorded history. Entire empires, lineages and cities have been built upon the power of gold. But the importance of gold in human history extends beyond its worth and opulence. A secondary feature of gold throughout human history is its importance as a skincare product. Learn the 3 ways gold shifted from precious metal to being a key ingredient in the skincare industry.

1. Gold’s Value

What’s interesting is that it is likely gold’s value as a status symbol that made the wealthy begin exploring its value for the skin. This process started with ancient Egyptian royalty, who would use gold masks at night in order to preserve their radiance and beauty. Eventually, Queen Cleopatra herself was using her gold mask nightly and attributing her great beauty to its use.

2. Gold in Japanese Skincare

In ancient Japan, a similar situation was transpiring with the Japanese Geisha. These traditional Japanese female entertainers were also known to use gold as a skincare treatment. Their perfect, flawless skin was a result of these treatments.

3. Gold Shifted to the Beauty Industry, Used by Cocoage Cosmetics

Gold skincare has continued in the centuries since then. And, as with most things in life, it has changed and evolved with the times. While once solid gold masks were placed over the skin, now tiny flecks of 24-karat gold are incorporated into the skin creams, gels and other cosmetics themselves. The result today is a more comprehensive collection of gold skincare products that can treat virtually any problem you can think of.
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Cocoàge Cosmetics has products that can treat problems ranging from smile lines, to crow’s feet, to face wrinkles, to an uneven complexion. They even have masks that heat up when applied to the face, peeling gels and a variety of other unique options.

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